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  • Czech-Americans in Transition. A new book, brought out by the Czechoslovak Society for the Arts and Sciences in America

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  • Czech-Americans in Transition

    New Publication of the Czechoslovak Society of Arts and Sciences (SVU)

    A book entitled Czech-Americans in Transition is scheduled for publication in early 1999 by Eakin Press , Austin, Texas. This collection of essays, edited by Clinton Machann of Texas A&M University, is based on a selection of presentations made at the 1997 Annual Meeting and Conference of the SVU, held July 12-13, 1997, at the Bell County Exposition Center in Belton, Texas, in conjunction with the celebration of the 100th Anniversary of the Slavonic Benevolent Order of the State of Texas (Slovanska podporujici jednota statu Texas, SPJST)

    Czech-Americans in Transition contains important new research on historical and cultural topics and illustrates the continuing strength and vitality of the Czech-American community, pointing toward a hopeful future for Czech ethnicity in America and the development of stronger ties between the U.S. and the Czech Republic.

    Table of Contents

    Preface by President, SVU
    1. Alexandr Vondra, "The Czech Ambassador's Address on the Occasion of the 100th Anniversary of the SPJST.".
    2. Zdenek Lycka, "The Czech Republic and Czechs Abroad: Past, Present, and Future."
    3, Leonard D. Mikeska, "A Brief History of the SPJST."
    4. Miloslav Rechcigl, Jr., "Bohemian and Moravian Pioneers in Colonial America."
    5, Peter Bisek, "The Czech-American Journalist: A Bridge Between the Old Country and the New."
    6. Daniel Hrna, "Genealogy: Building a Bridge to the Past."
    7. Leo Baca, "Documenting Czech Immigrant Arrivals."
    8. Joseph N. Rostinsky, "The Moravian Folk Song: An Important Means of Preserving Czech Culture in Texas."
    9. Robert Janak, "The Czech Heritage Society of Texas and Bridges to the Czech Republic."
    10. Clinton Machann, "A Short History of the Czech Educational Foundation of Texas and Description of Its Current Projects."
    11. Milada Polisenska, "Subject: Conversation with Czechoslovak President (Reports on T. G. Masaryk in the American Diplomatic Correspondence in Prague)."
    12. Ludmila Dutkova, "Texas Czech: An Ethnolinguistic Study."
    13. David Zdenek Chroust, "Toward a Biography of Thomas Capek 1861-1950): Sources, Life Sketch, and Biographical Models."
    Appendix: "Czech-Americans: A Selected Bibliography of Publications in English," compiled by Miloslav Rechcigl, Jr.

    The advance mail order price of Czech-Americans in Transition for SVU Members is $16.00 per book (including shipping fees) and there is a 45% discount for orders of 50 books or more. This price is almost 20 percent less than its suggested retail price in bookstores next spring. To order, send a check along with your name and address to Eakin Press, P.O. Drawer 90159, Austin, TX 78709-0159.

    Inquires about SVU should be addressed to the Society's President Mila Rechcigl, 1703 Mark Lane, Rockville, MD 2082, tel./FAX: (301) 8810-7222; e-mail:rechcigl@aol.com

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